1995 Fiat Tempra S & SX 1.6


Recommended investment solely for Italian car lovers


I own two Fiat Tempras respectively the S (analogue) & SX (digital) version.

The more reliable one has been the SX despite the fact I am an preventive maintenance owner. I love and enjoy my Fiats & would not hesitate for a newer Fiat ONLY if the local support was more reliable & precise in service.

Spare parts are eractically priced.

Fiat Italy should also continuously ensure that models exported to the far east should be totally climatized for local conditions. Right now, I seek experienced mechanics to do the job.

General Comments:

Recommended to all drivers though not a fast car, but a very comfortable and safe car.

Shape is now beginning to look dated especially the front lights, but the side view remains beautiful.

For general knowledge, my father has owned Fiat cars since the late sixties from 1100 D, 124 ST, two 131s (1982 & 1983) followed by myself two Fiat Tempras (1995).

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Review Date: 5th March, 2001

8th Oct 2002, 03:07

Your stories and experience increase my confident toward my FIAT TEMPERA (1.6). May I have your contact number, which I can share a lot of thing with you. I'm new in FIAT so I need to know a lot of things from you. My email is samsudin66@hotmail.com please response my comments. Thank you.

13th Oct 2005, 03:25

I am an owner of Fiat Tempra SX version. I've own this car since middle 90's and it is my second Fiat as before this I've own Fiat 131 (car used to learn to drive). Actually almost all the members of my family are a Fiat fan. My brother also drove a Punto. What I can comment about Tempra is that it is a very comfortable car to drive, fast, safe, stable and strong. It is more towards a family car. But one thing I could not stand is that the maintenence of Fiat is so high and even difficult to find for spare part.

If there is other Fiat Tempra owner or any other type of Fiat owner who likes to share their knowledge and information about Fiat cars please e-mail me at ash_borhani@yahoo.com.Thank You.