1988 Honda Prelude 4WS 2.0SI 2.0SI


Not a powerful and stable car


Air-conditioning problem. The red light keep coming up causing the air conditioning to stop functioning. Spend about 1000++ to fix this problem.

General Comments:

Honda Prelude is sporty if you modify the car such as implement body kit to the car etc...

The disadvantages of this car is that the car is not powerful at all. You can't race using this car you will lost for sure. There are no power at all for a Honda Prelude 3rd generation.

The second of weird problem with this car is when you drive over 90KM/H, the car steering and the wheel shake. This prove that the car is not stable at all.

Conclusion, not a powerful car and the car is not stable. You can get into accident easily if you drive fast.

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Review Date: 25th November, 2004

20th Dec 2004, 23:39

These cars are very stable at any speed providing that, like any other car, the wheels are balanced correctly. The people that complain about the car not having enough power are usually driving an automatic!

17th Mar 2005, 19:58

Sounds like you have a wheel balancing problem... or yours is an accident vehicle. Most Preludes in M'sia were abused and bashed before being botched up and sold to unsuspecting buyers.

My personal experience with the Prelude is that its fast and stable. I've taken a midly modified one to 220km/h easily...suggest you get the car checked out by an honest mech.