1996 Jeep Cherokee xj 2.5L 4 cylinder


It's a nice car for not a serious offroad activities as well as it can behave well on highway and ci


Too slow on highway, difficult to reach 130kph.

Not economical, consume and thirsty of gas. Expensive parts. Limited dealers. Not many mechanics familiar with this car.

Seats are not comfortable.

Design whether interior or exterior are quite outdated.

General Comments:

Solid like a tank. Very heavy and confidently driven. Good offroad use.But still a good handling for highway and city driving.

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Review Date: 12th June, 2007

7th Aug 2008, 15:46

If you drive 130 kph, then no wonder your jeep guzzled gas! cars are pencils but SUVs are like boxes in the wind.

Air resistance is the number one factor for decreased gas mileage. it grows exponentially.

1997 Jeep Cherokee Sport 2.5 petrol


A true 4x4 (like a Land Rover)


Gear lever rattling noise when the clutch is depressed.

Gear knob loose, dealer promised a replacement but they went bankrupt!

Center muffler replaced 3 times (rattle).

Front left power seat motor spoiled, cost 2000 Malaysian dollars to replace.

Can smell exhaust fumes from that 2-stroke motor-bike in front of me with the air-conditioning switch on.

Clutch makes a squeaking sound when depressed.

Can only reach 130 km/h tops.

Recently, a loud knocking sound from front right wheel on gravel roads.

They have stopped assembling/importing JEEP over here because Japanese products are more reliable, cheaper to maintain compared to JEEP and LAND ROVER although they more expensive to buy.

General Comments:

Comfort, good handling. High cornering limit for a 4X4 (just like a car), I can beat that Proton Saga on uneven winding road!

Design still attractive, high stance/low roof line, spare wheel inside, full size rear hatch. You don't find such things in a Japanese 4X4.

Heavy clutch, light throttle pedal, big front seats. Rear door and legroom too small.

Engine is sluggish below 3000RPM, and there is a lot of mechanical noise underneath (acceptable for a car design from the 80s).

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Review Date: 30th October, 2000

1st Dec 2003, 21:08

Great car... love to drive it.. but drinks a lot of fuel.

25th Jan 2007, 03:45

I am one of Jeep Cherokee owner, from 2.5 litres and now having a 4.0 litres limited edition. It has been more than 5 years being owning this vehicle and I have been through many good and bad experience with this model. The bad things, off course, the uneconomic fuel consumption, engine breakdown without notice, bad air-condition, engine heating, wiring problem, not many people can repair etc.

But I like to share more on good things. If we take care the vehicle nicely, The Jeep Cherokee is really good looking, tough, macho and special personality. It is strong and sturdy, fast and stable. My 4.0litre could reach easily 160kmh!

I like to change vehicle. I had been driving more than 10 different type of vehicles, but finally Jeep Cherokee really make me stop driving other vehicle.

There is only one Jeep!

16th Mar 2010, 21:43

I have been driving the Jeep Cherokee Sport 2.5 liter for 7 years now. The Jeep is already 13 years old now, but hardly gives me any problem. "Major" one was the clutch problem, but later found that it was not properly fixed. Managed to get a specialised mechanic in Hatyai, Thailand and he fixed this and all other minor problems well.

The body is tough and almost indestructible to me. The pick up is slow, but acceptable for this kind of vehicle. Cornering is excellent as I didn't have to brake on my way down from Cameron Highland!! Fuel consumption is high by modern standards & Japanese standard of cars of this size.

Overall, I love and am addicted to driving this Jeep!!

9th Oct 2010, 04:33

Love my Jeep 2.5 Sport. Goes anywhere; even when I think it can't, it somehow just keeps going.

Thirsty but capable 4x4, very reliable, nice to drive, and a useful workhorse.