2001 Kia Carnival LS 2.5 V6


Most Unreliable Car I had Ever Experience


The worst MPV I ever experience after driving for almost 25 years.

Believe me - The problems faced by those submit their review were the same I am facing with this MPV.

- The radiator turn rusty even with anti-rust and cooler placed. I had mine change after 2 years and now the same problem surface.

- Engine change because of Gasket blew at about 75,000km.

- Every time when I passed the car to KIA Service centerer in Malaysia for servicing, they will change everything and anything for you. That is their way of correcting any problems you complaint.

- To make worst, the outside mechanics avoid doing anything with this car. (KIA meaning Afraid in Chinese. That is the joke we had for this MP in Malaysia.)

Very unreliable. You can try it if you don't believe in me. You will have a shocking driving experience of your life.

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Review Date: 27th April, 2005

2nd Sep 2005, 03:27

My 2001 KIA Carnival had run 92,000 kilometers. Now, I experience the engine stops when I shift to reverse and when applying brake on D gear, what could be the problem?

9th Apr 2010, 09:06

The Kia LS DOHC 2.9 diesel turbo intercooler is a good van for power and speed; it's just a highly tuned diesel car. You need to be carefull with its revs; that's probably why you blew your gasket up. Sure it has some silly things in the car or chassis itself, but the engine is great.