2003 Kia Sorento EX 2.5 CRDI


Good effort by the up and coming Koreans


So far so good.

Got it used. Previous owner was a 55 year old lady whom I suspect had no your children or grandchildren. The interior condition was astonishingly good. Next to new really!

The exterior was near new with minor scratches and no dents, not even dings. And paintwork shines like new!

General Comments:

I got this for the wife who now needs more space as our kids are getting bigger. We both got no complaints in that department.

My only gripe is the ride which seem a bit harsh. Whether its the tires or suspension I'm not so sure, but it felt better with the tyre's pressure at 32 psi instead of the recormmended 35 psi in the owner's manual.

I would have thought with an SUV you can go through bad patches or road without even thinking about it, but the previous Peugeot and my current Honda Accord ride much better.

Don't expect car like comfort and ride and you'll be fine.

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Review Date: 19th July, 2005

3rd Dec 2007, 22:23

I bought Naza Sorento in October 2006. October 2007 the battery gone/expired at 24600km. 1st December 2007, the air-conditioning compressor gone (bearing worn out). the whole compressor to be changed. The equipment is under warranty, but to get the things will take 3 weeks. So the car is kept at home. Is it worthwhile to have the expensive car stored at home and I have to go to work by bus?