1989 Mazda 929 2.0


A large, comfortable cruiser but definitely underpowered with the 2.0L engine


External door handles broke off, one by one due to very poor and fragile plastic fittings. Recently discovered that these models had a recall for this fault. Too late for me though.

Persistent overheating; initially traced to rad leak, then later to split hose.

Other than that, pretty reliable mechanically.

General Comments:

The car had a smaller engine put in it before I owned it (originally a 2.2L) and the 2.0L unit was rather underpowered for such a big, heavy car and I often wished for a US-spec 3.0L V6.

The ride was smooth and comfortable with very little outside noise penetrating the spacious cabin.

Its size meant great stability and a good sturdy presence on the road.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 10th January, 2009