1995 Opel Astra GL 1.6i ECOTEC


Still in between


The timing tensioner bottomed out.

Then the car wouldn't start in the morning and cost me a month's wages to get it repaired.

The air-conditioning couldn't take our tropical climate and was replaced with a tropicalised unit.

The change from 1st gear to 2nd is jerky to say the least. I think the clutch is gone.

There is a funny sound from the engine bay, but neither me nor my mechanic can find out what it is.

The spare parts prices are absolutely horrible because we have to import them from Europe.

The previous owner got the fuel tank dented. This has left me with less than half a tankful of petrol space every time I fill up. And then there is the spare parts again... I tried going to the junkyard, but came back with 4 different types of petrol tank for this Astra model, and none fit!!

Alternator gave way and was changed with a reconditioned unit.

Oil pump gave way after about 6 months from new... the previous owner told me this after I managed to track him down.

The list goes on...

General Comments:

Actually, the reason I got this car was due to its sturdy feel and relatively low cost. I wish now that I'd been more careful about the choice.

One of the catalysts to my decision to buy this car was after reviewing some of the glorious praises heaped upon this poor man's BMW. What I forgot was that BMW'S are an expensive lot to maintain on the road.

But the good points of this car really puts our local and Japenese cars to shame in terms of sturdiness and comfort.

I'm quite irritated with this misconception about German reliability too.

Anyway, if anyone can help me to get the car on the right track, please e-mail me at kenilim@hotmail.com

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Review Date: 5th February, 2002

11th Dec 2006, 05:18

This is the in between guy again, after 5 years with the car. I can't get rid of it cos no one will buy it, but the thing is, after all the $$$ spent on it, I have come to appreciate the strength, firmness and feel of an European car. If only the cost to maintain it wasn't so astronomical.. There is absolutely no car that I can think of that will give the secure feeling as well as good engine pickup (low peak torque). I just got a Hyundai Sonata, and altho it doesn't die on me in the mornings, I still miss the feel I have with my Astra. Oh yeah, my dad's driving it now. He likes it too, quirks and all... Wish Opel will make it's presence felt more stronger in Asia now. They are there in the North (Thailand) and South (Singapore) but all is quiet in Malaysia. We really have to take care of our cars ourselves. A great car without a home. So sad.