2005 Perodua Kelisa GXi 850 c.c.


Still, the best value for money


NBR 6246

Well, I had some funny sounds with the car when I drove it at above 120 km/h and also when I turned the car left or right when I first start driving. I took it to Perodua Balakong and they replaced the drive shafts and wheel bearing ~ no questions asked.

The car is a very affordable budget car ~ well, Perodua is a budget manufacturer. Perodua didn't give me the option to pay extra and have a spoiler; or pay extra and have a CD player with a radio; or pay extra and get power windows or pay extra and get a rear windscreen wiper.

So I had to get the spoiler, power window (driver's side only) and rear windscreen wiper installed outside. Perodua should really allow customers to have more choice with accessories.

Instead, they decided what accessories we need by building their Limited Editions, Special Editions and Imago models. You should really allow your customers to have more freedom to customise their cars.

I had to get an airhorn as the tiny beep that came with the car isn't very audible on the highways.

General Comments:

As for performance, my 850 c.c. Kelisa can go 152 km/h when I put Shell V-Power and fuel additive. Now I use Petronas Primax 3 as it consistently gives me 10 km/RM; with Esso Synergy I used to get between 8.9 km/RM and 9.9 km/RM.

I really wish Perodua would make a two-door cabriolet version of the Kelisa; then I needn't get the Brabus Smartcar for two or BMW Mini Cooper...

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Review Date: 27th August, 2006

2005 Perodua Kelisa EZi 1.0 DOHC


Great performance and fuel economy


1. The car feels like falling when turning at 40km/h or more.

2. The car vibrates when the car speed reaches 105km/h or when the rp/m reaches 3500rp/m.

3. If I do not shift the gear to N when stopping the car at a traffic light, the car engine will die.

4. The car engine will get overheated when it is driven for a few hours.

General Comments:

The car has a great pickup at a roundabout or at a traffic light.

The fuel consumption is very low although the rp/m is high.

The price is also very reasonable for a 1.0 car. Furthermore, the car has electronic side mirrors.

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Review Date: 25th November, 2005

13th Jul 2008, 03:07

Kelisa should not be replaced by viva... total out from that car technology concept... if compare to kelisa and viva, I 100% choose kelisa, by judge its body, after market parts, used parts model variation...

13th May 2009, 00:50

To some extend of exaggeration, I can likened this car as a Malaysian Honda Civic Dolphin or Volkswagen Golf Polo. So far it haven't let me down. There is one particular occasion I'll not forget where I drove through 3ft high flooding and this car just amazingly moving alongside VIGO and what not, left behind VIVA, MYVI, WIRA, SAGA, PESONA; they're engines ceased functioning...

2003 Perodua Kelisa EX


Economical, sporty and value for money


Yet to notice anything in particular that are wrong.

General Comments:

The best value for money car. Cheap maintenance and is very practical. Very ideal for city use.

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Review Date: 21st April, 2005

23rd Jul 2005, 07:50

Kenari is a horrible looking car. Too boxy.

2003 Perodua Kelisa EZi 12 Valve EFi DOHC


Engineered for Fun


Too bumpy when tyres meet potholes. Tried to flatten my tires a bit, but steering became a bit too heavy, have to pump it back to normal.

Feel like falling to the sides when making a turning at 40-50 Km/h.

My boot door can't be opened using keys at times, need to push in a bit to in order to twist my key. Need to fix in my next service.

Engine feels VERY hot when I came out from the car, maybe engine compartment is too small for air flow due to this high performance TwinCam engine.

General Comments:

Quite okay torque for an automatic, but after replacing the 3 new racing spark plug, my car accelerate from stop-to-go in mere seconds. Most useful for me when coming out from traffic light stops. Quite a torqe monster, but not recommended for high speed driving, unless the car has been lowered 2 inches and tyres change to 165*55*15. Then, it would be a speed and torque monster. Nice combo...

Accessories are more than enough, quite satisfy with all the items, though I can't use the built-in hands free car kit for it only fit old Nokia phones, doesn't fit my Nokia 6610 though, what a waste.

Pleasure driving and easy handling, I don't have to worry about letting my gf drive it.

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Review Date: 27th October, 2003

18th Mar 2005, 23:50

Man you are comparing both cars in different category... if you think that getting 206 is better than kelisa then why do you made a choice of buying Kelisa?

22nd Jul 2005, 22:44

Kelisa is a very average/good car for it's price in my opinion. I've too own a kelisa. Just change into performance springs and absorber, strut the chasis, change to 15x6 rims. Walla!~ a good road gripping and quite car. Now I've put a bolt-on turbo (DT04) in it. Much torque/power been squeeze out of it now. I'm now scared to push the car hard!~ ;)

2002 Perodua Kelisa Limited Edition 1.0 petrol


Excellent nippy car, but the price is a bit steep (RM34000)


Not much except the folded rear seats rattles on hitting bumps etc.

General Comments:

Mine is the limited edition twin cam efi fitted with power steering and leather seats.

The car is fully accessorised with handsfree mobile kits (neat), power windows/central locking, ionizer etc, and everything was carefully laid out in its places.

Instrumentation panels were clearly displayed and the headlamps are big and bright for night driving.

Love the two-tone yellow/black Limited Edition colors.

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Review Date: 30th July, 2002

26th Aug 2002, 04:03

Driving the same car as well... agreed that it's cool... I got the same problem with the rear seats as well, all you need to do is to get the service center to do some adjustment to it.

My only problem is the car rattles very badly whenever I hit 90km per hour.