1999 Proton Proton Perdana V6 2.0 petrol


Value for money


The car's absorbers wear off too early. Slightly after the third year, the true colors of the suspension system will prevail.

General Comments:

The interior specifications should offer digital effects impact such as digital climate control for its air condition, refined speed meter that comes with an option of digital or mono, the car seat should be more bucket-like for front passenger and driver, front and rear bumper equipped with sonar sensor (because most Perdana will surely get dented and scratches when coming to parking the vehicle. These little things will make more value for money as well as reliability for every owner owners to be. I further would like to stress that the horse power should be increased by an additional of 30 to 50 horse power. Than you are even better than Honda (Accord 2.2)

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Review Date: 30th May, 2003