1998 SsangYong Korando 3.2 3.2 petrol




The engine and automatic transmission was sluggish when I bought the car.

There seems to be an ECU programming error or maybe a defect at the engine electronic management cables/network.

The body wallows and rolls uncomfortably upon exiting a corner on heavily undulated asphalt surfaces.

General Comments:

This car sex appeal is tremendous, but unfortunately no matter what people profess the majority are racists. If not for the "Made in Korea" tag, I believe Ken Greenley's design would have taken the world by storm. A face lift would definitely be in order to satisfy the "taste of the masses".

However due to the Mercedes engine, the superb performance, rarity and the uniqueness of this design I believe it will be a prized collector's car in years to come.

This car is amazingly fast given the 3.2 normally aspirated petrol engine pushing 2,100 kgs of metal.

After some slight modification on the intake funnel which is just before the air filter unit and at the exhaust system my car could sprint 8.2 sec from 0 to 100 km/h.

It's a good car to learn on how to take corners fast because the body rolls dramatically and you sense the amplified handling dynamics cars go thru in racing environments.

However it is a very forgiving car, I could throw it at corners and despite the tyres screaming due to the sudden turn, after a slight fishtail (instantly corrected by the car), one could savour the corner in a rally like fashion. I have outdriven other more expensive 4wds and not to mention sprightly cars going up or going down winding roads and guess must have left them aghast.

This car needs to be treated like an exotic mistress, all the attention, care and love.

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Review Date: 26th March, 2003

30th Jul 2006, 05:32

You are confused, its the 2.3 MB engine that produces 104 kw.

The 3.2 MB engine as used by Ssangyong does indeed make the 167 kw same as it did in the MB vehicles.

In a Korando it is quite a potent performer!

Please get your facts straight.

14th Aug 2006, 09:29

I am running a 3.2 Korando and cannot help, but feel the engine is slightly sluggish on the acceleration front. I there anything you can suggest I do to improve this? You mentioned some modification to the inlet to the Carb??? Other than that I am pleased with the beast. Does what is says on the can!!

30th May 2008, 00:56

I have a korando with a diesel engine and I can bet you, that my car can beat any 1.8 tuning car.

29th Jan 2009, 12:07

Hey everybody.

I've got a Korando 2.9TD, originally 125hp. I modified the intake, exhaust, put on 2 electric superchargers for more power on lower revs, lift it only 1" and well the tires depend on where I'm going.

I have NOOO idea about the hp or torque line it has now, because of the mods I made, but it RUNNNNS guys. I mean it, all those V8 sand dune climbers with all their HP are nothing. This little beast has so much torque++, maybe hp not that high, but so much torque it's almost impossible to stop.

One of the best things is that it does outrun IN A STRAIGHT LINE most of those 1.8 tuning cars with their turbo and all that S*** hahaha.

LOVE the Korando... there's just no way of not loving it.


10th Jan 2014, 12:20

Can you provide some more details of the modifications you've done?


11th Sep 2016, 10:51

Hi, where did you buy the electric superchargers from. Thanks. Gerrit.

1st Oct 2017, 14:36

My son just bought a 2000 automatic. We are in Cape Town and need advice. The front propshaft is not fitted. The previous owner says if fitted, it makes it slower. Also the car's engine does not run smooth, it runs uneven. Who knows this vehicle best in Cape Town?