2014 Toyota Avanza G 1.5 petrol


It's better than the previous one in almost every way


There is a minor scratch on the door trim ever since the first time I received the car from the dealership. Other than that, I haven't got any problems yet.

General Comments:

I bought this car to replace my 6 year old Avanza. Compared to the previous generation, the new Avanza has a more spacious cabin (the most obvious one is the width). Even the additional width itself really affects the comfort of my arm. My child, who likes to spend his time sitting on the third row seat on certain occasions, told me how much more spacious the third row space is.

Even though I've already loved the previous Avanza, the new one is much better. The interior feels a lot more expensive and stylish than the previous one, with some interesting details and complicated 3 dimensional sculptures. The seats are somehow more comfortable (and wider I think). The arm rests in the previous Avanza are not bad, but the ones in this car are a lot more functional to actually rest your arms.

Another major difference is the driving experience. It's a lot more stable and controlled, which might have something to do with the increasing width. The ride quality is also better.

In terms of exterior styling, I personally think the new Avanza looks more modern and interesting, especially in metallic grey. I don't really like the design of the rear lights, which I find to be odd. Overall, I quite like the transformation.

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Review Date: 28th September, 2015

2006 Toyota Avanza 1.3




Back seat is very bouncy, even though the previous owner already upgraded to GAB gas absorbers.

Change radiator fan motor at 85,0000 km.

RPM at 3,500 when cruising at 100 km/h!

General Comments:

Generally this car is good for city driving for carrying 5-7 people. Fuel consumption is quite OK, considering my one has an auto transmission.

But be prepared for underpowered performing when cruising long distance or highway driving (1.3L, what do you expect). Short gear ratio mean 100 km/h requires at least 3500 RPM; that makes the engine damn noisy.

Actually I bought this 2nd hand for my wife. I personally don't like this big junk (I prefer a sedan such as the Persona or Vios), however my wife likes it very much, mainly due to being brand conscious.

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Review Date: 27th November, 2012

25th Jul 2013, 12:21

Where can I find cheap parts for a Toyota Avanza 1.3 in Nepal?

2006 Toyota Avanza 1.3 petrol


An affordable workhorse for ferrying people


Squeaky rear hatch when being opened. Rectified under warranty.

Very occasional blinking of the "overdrive" light on the instrument pod by itself.

General Comments:

Reliable and tough as nails. Very simple car and hence very little to go wrong.

Poor refinement. Noisy. Harsh and choppy ride.

Build quality is fine but hard-wearing interior trim makes it look low-rent.

Acceleration from the 1.3 fuel injected 16 valve motor is just about sufficient with the very short gearing (4 speed automatic in my case), which affects cruising ability and fuel economy at high speeds.

No airbags nor ABS.

As a 7 seater MPV, it is spacious for passengers considering its size, but poor boot space with the third row seats in use.

Good for urban use, but can wear you out on long distance trips.

Treat it like a white good or appliance and you'll be fine. Just don't expect refinement nor driving excitement.

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Review Date: 31st August, 2008

2006 Toyota Avanza 1.3 VVT-i NA (K3-VE)


A Great City MPV Worth your Money!!!


A very bumpy car. (but considering it is a MPV, it's still OK as it is not meant to be driven fast).

Bad sound-proof.

General Comments:

Powerful enough for an 1.3 L engine, running on 185/70 R14 wheels, and does 0-100km/h in 14 seconds, having top speed of 160+km/h ; nice engine performance.

No blind spot.

Acceptable fuel consumption (13.37 km / Liter, city drive)

Perfect handling on smooth roads, but never bring it fast on bumpy roads.

Air-Conditioning is good with twin blower.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2007

24th Apr 2007, 06:30

Toyota Motor Corp. became the world top auto seller in the first three months of the year, passing rival General Motors Corp. for the first time, the Japanese automaker said Tuesday.

This is the latest news, Toyota has rank WORLD NO :1 for the past 1 quarter!! Hooray... Hooray!!

I owned Altis and VIOS over the past 4 years. I never feel that Toyota quality is compromised despite that they have mass produced cars in the world. One Toyota, One World, this is the Motto of Toyota. Which means, same quality standards across the globe. It is certainly not easy to climb up to the hall of fame, the persistency, perseverance, the hardwork that makes them to be world no ONE!

I think Tun Mahathir called for look east policy is correct, somehow it was not institutionalized across Proton. You can talk until the cows come home... this is exactly what is happening to Proton.


15th Jan 2008, 19:23

Haha... I don't think its the car's problem, because this is the first time I heard of this problem amongst all the problems I had known from internet forums.

Have you solved it?

23rd Dec 2008, 08:16

Boring facelift... always cosmetic makeup.

I assume there will be "newer" Avanza, but still the old structure...

24th May 2009, 13:38

Can you please help me, because till now I can't decide which I will purchase 1.5mt or 1.3 mt. Please tell me if the 1.3 has much better performance rather than 1.5.

23rd Dec 2010, 06:44

Hello guys.

Please help me decide what to buy:

A brand new Avanza, 2010 model or 2008 Innova, they have the same price now.

Thank you.