1993 Toyota MR2 Turbo T-Bar 1998


Wow! I love MR cars!


Power steering sometimes worked, sometimes not!

A bit noisy, of course! Because I have modified the engine power! He he...

Fuel consumption is a bit bad, one full tank runs for only 328km in the city.

General Comments:

I have loved MR cars since I was very young, my dream car was Honda NSX (MR), but it was a very expensive car. What I could afford was a Toyota MR2. I felt great after I got it. This car needs very good techniques to handle it.

I had an accident after I had my MR2 for a week. I was driving about 80 km/h at 270 degree cornering when it was raining and my MR2 spun out. I was very, very lucky - my car didn't have 5% damage! Oh, I am so lucky! (previous I drove a FF front engine front wheel drive). This accident was telling me, this MR2 was not easy as you think. Not like the way you could drive with your previous FF car. No way! I will get myself trained on a "Legal" track!

My MR2 MOD list as below:-

* Apexi AVC-R

* Apexi S-AFC

* Apexi Digital Speed/Rev Meter

* Spec R Shift warning light

* TRD Fast Shift gear

* TRD Meter with 300KM/H

* Large rear rotor

* AP brake pad

* 17" DRAG 902 Sport Rims imported from Japan (F: 205/40/17 R: 235/45/17)

* Front & Rear Tower Bar, front & rear lower arm bar, Anti lower arm bar & others

* Koni Adjustable hi-low kit and soft & hard absorber

* TRD heavy duty Clutch

* TRD LSD 1.5 way

* Custom Aluminum light main pulley.

My next MOD list as below:-

* Apexi Power FC

* Ball Bearing Turbo Turbine

* All Full set of stability parts

* 4 ports front Brake Caliper with large rotor

* 2 ports rear Brake Caliper

* Stainless steal Brake host

* Auto/Manual Water cooler spay cooling system

* TRD Light Flywheel

* TRD LSD 2.0 way

* 2.2cc upgrade kit

* Custom Cam Pulley

* Blitz Blow Off

* Oil Cooler system

And other more

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Review Date: 5th July, 2001

12th Aug 2005, 22:59

I would like to know how you wired your apexi rev meter...