2013 Toyota Prius c Hybrid 1.5 petrol electric


Great city car, and it saves petrol

General Comments:

This car is also known as the Toyota Aqua. In Malaysia, it is called the Prius c (city), for city or urban drivers who are aiming for cheaper petrol costs.

Excellent running costs, 26.4 km / liter. The highest I have ever achieved.

It is small for a family. For us, 2 people, it's just nice. A family may choose a sedan car which has a similar price range.

7 airbags, 6 speakers with interactive player, smart entry, multi screen gave adequate information (RPM, smart distance calculation not available).

This car is excellent for city use, and short distance trips.

Long distance trips are bearable if you can omit the space factor. You will gain more mileage for long distance travel.

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Review Date: 19th May, 2014

15th Aug 2014, 02:24

Great small car for city driving. However, since the government pulled back the hybrid incentive, the price of this small car jumped from around MYR 98,000.00 to MYR 148,000.00. With the new price, the consumer prefers to buy a Camry or Honda Accord.