1982 Volvo 240 DL 2.4


A wonderful car. Many happy memories about the time I was a yuppie in my 30's


Not much. We celebrated its "25th birthday" this January.

Here's when something did go wrong.

Some dude in a new (name censored) rammed into my car from the front a year and a half ago. I had stopped at a red light. I heard from him that his car cost $9,300. Mine - I sent him a check for a new light casing and a new grille.

I think you get the picture. the 240 is a T A N K. It would be a tank except -

Mounting cannons are illegal

My car is a black one, not the camouflaged color.

General Comments:

I still love this car. 25 years have passed. I have used it for my wedding car (about the time I bought it) and, when my 23 year old gets married in 16 months, I will use it for hers. Hopefully I can use it for my grandchild's. But I may not be alive by then, and they may have to find a car like this in a Vintage Car rental shop. LONG LIVE VOLVO!!!

PS - My wife drives the Volvo 850, and it's much more round. But equally stable.

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Review Date: 23rd July, 2008