1979 Volvo 244 GL B230FX


Great car. I do feel safe... Volvo For Life!


Not much... it's in working condition.

Engine and auto gearbox are smooth... Previous owner swap it from the 2.1, to the oh so fast B230FX, and till now it has never failed me.

General Comments:

Classic, underneath rust issue. Overall I've had a few Volvos from the 850, 940, 740, and 240... but I always wanted the 244 with big bumpers. It sees that nobody dares to cut line if I'm around...

Thanks to the B230FX, the car can really reach 190 km/h, and it still can go more, but 160 km/h is enough, as the clutch fan is too noisy by then.

Good acceleration. Can even shock others in ultra modern car with how this old hag can go that fast!

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Review Date: 2nd August, 2012