1984 Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint / Sprint 1.5 petrol


The name says its all. Sporty and stylish


The main problem is rust. After a few months that I bought the car, rust started appearing round the front wipers, left front mud gard as well as on the rear left mud guard.

The driver seat started to tear a bit, but nothing serious.

The biggest problem of them all are the bumpers. About four months ago I had them sprayed due to cracking in various places. I spent about 100 pounds to have them sprayed. The cracks are starting to reappear.

When I come to put the engine into second gear, sometimes the gear lever slips. The problem is only on second gear.

The glove compartment is constantly rattling.

The back left window does not go down.

The plastic has become extremely rigid and easy to break. This is a problem because certain parts are very hard to find.

Once in a while some electrics in the lights (or fuses) decides to go, which is a real problem if you are driving in the evening.

The physics of the brakes is not very good, and I would prefer not to use it in the rain.

General Comments:

Over all I love this car.

Its quite fast and reliable (it has not stopped in the middle of the road till now).

Petrol consumption in another thing. It tends to be a bit of a problem being a student.

The thing that I love most about the car is how rare it is in my country. I live in Malta, were the population is of about 350,000. There are only four like my model still on the road.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 25th May, 2002