1997 Daihatsu Terios


It's really ideal to drive!


My car used half a tank of engine oil in 3 weeks. Is it a problem?

General Comments:

Since two years, I really found my Daihatsu Terios very roadworthy, and it works very smoothly, and with no trouble at all since this problem occurred!

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Review Date: 9th February, 2010

9th Feb 2010, 09:14

That much oil use in only 3 weeks indicates either a very big leak or severe internal engine wear.

9th Feb 2010, 21:48

Half a tank of engine oil... um well I'd say yes. I'm assuming you mean it went through a few quarts of oil (I realize your country most likely doesn't use the English system, but I'm from the United States, and I don't know the metric system, sorry.) But yes, using that much oil is a serious problem.

12th Aug 2010, 11:15

Mine was eating 1 liter oil in 4 days, but I checked the engine. There was oil leakage. Oil from the intake! Will you guess it? 6 holes in the intake. 1 is for anti-freeze (engine cooling, intake controlling), 4 are for air intake to cylinders, the last one is nothing but oil comes out from it. I don't know why Daihatsu made that hole. I changed the intake gasket and oil leaked for 1 day. Then it became fine. No leakage, no eating much oil. Now I add 1 liter oil during 1 month. Because it is small engine and high RPM. Also it's an old engine. I adjusted the valves and then the engine noise decreased.

1st Mar 2017, 07:38

Hi, any chance that you can give me a quick lesson on how to replace the gasket? My Terios 2003 is using just too much oil. Much appreciated. JV