2002 Ford Ka Collection


Lots of service


Factory with warranty.

The dashboard went bend to the center.

Thermostat stuck.

Water pump damage.

Changed new bumbers - plastic bends.

Rower steering pump changed.

Water pump changed.

Air conditioning leak.

Brake noise.

Head lamp condensation.

Roof upholstery bent without screws.

General Comments:

Ford Ka Collection - brand new car.

The roof upholstery came without screws. I went to the dealer, and he told me to get it changed under the warranty.

After that, I had a problem with power steering noise. Changed with the warranty.

Then, bumpers changed, new bumpers plastic bends.

The dashboard became bent to the center. He told me this is the first time problem with the dashboard.

Water pump leaking - changed with the warranty.

Changed new condensation bulb with warranty.

Thermostat stuck and the engine was hot. There is no indication what the temperature is, they have only a signal bulb.

And others problems. So I won't buy another Ford again.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 20th August, 2006