2002 Maruti 800 0.8


Its the Perfect city car I got... but wish to upgrade to have A/C and Power steering.. Perhaps Toyot


At First when I bought after a month or 2 when I noticed a strange annoying noise while driving over 40km/hr expecially when you set the gear to free. Sound was like a bearing was worn out between d Gearbox and shafts... had to take to manufacurer and had to dismantle Engine / gearbox & replace bearings after few days was ready... It was a defect from Factory... since than no other problems so far, except some wear & tear... and some strange noises when car is started.. like Alternator belt ... but no problem with that, can be solved anytime.

General Comments:

Good Value for money and cheap to buy. Unfortunately since our country came a member of EU, no more are available as new due to High emissions. Perfect for 1 or 2persons not comfortable for a family too small. Fuel consumption is OK around 42-45mpg, If 5th gear was available you can make more! Perfect driving is between 70-80Km/hr, Highest is 110Km/hr and you could easily hear the engine over running that you might think its going to blow up! It's a pity doest have the 5th GEAR! cuz at 100km/hr still got the power to develop up to 125km/hr or so. Steady till 90Km/hr, but not over..

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Review Date: 30th September, 2005

11th Jan 2006, 02:06

This is the best car for countries like India and Sri Lanka. If you cannot afford the big cost of fuel, use this vehicle. Spare parts prices are also very low. I bought a brand new in September 2005 and, its good for day to day journeys without any problem. With AC it is very fuel efficient in traffic-less roads. Spacious than Nissan March. No Airbags and dash board is small. Then it's spacious inside the car more than you see it from outside.