2005 Renault Megane EX 1.5cdi


The Megane 2 is an improvement over the old model, but ride/handling and refinement could be better


Nothing has went wrong with this car, never let me down. It's very reliable, no problems with the engine and electrics.

I use it every day and I use it hard; just normal things like wear and tear, and servicing.

General Comments:

The Megane 2 is an improvement over the Megane 1.

All the car is different from the Megane 1. The hatchback looks beautiful.

The biggest improvement was the quality materials used in the cabin (high quality and luxury).

The Megane 2 rides firmer than the Megane 1. The soft ride of the previous Megane is gone, and it had been replaced by a firm ride. At slow speeds the ride feels very firm, but it improves with speed.

The steering is also better than the previous model, but it still lacks feel and you need a firm hand sometimes, but road holding is very good and body roll is well controlled, and it feels always stable and safe.

There is some road noise over poor surfaces especially, from the 16 inch wheels upwards, they suffer over potholes and bumps, but at high speed the ride becomes quite and very comfortable.

The 1.5 dci engine is very economical and smooth.

Space is not very good in the rear. Rear legroom is poor, rear headroom is good, and in the front space is good; both headroom and legroom.

Things I like in this car are:

Impressive high speed ride and stability

The economical engine

High quality cabin



Things I do not like:

The traditional french soft ride has been replaced by a firm ride

The CD player sound quality is not very good

Road noise, especially at low speeds

You need a firm hand on the steering

Poor rear space

The ride can be fidgety on some roads at low speeds, but this improves greatly and settle as speeds increase.

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Review Date: 14th April, 2008

2000 Renault Megane Classic RXE 1.9 tDI


Good car at a good price


Odometer not working after 13000 miles. Electronic fault due to a corrosion in wiring clip.

Broken left front strut at 38000 miles.

Rear right wheel bearing replaced at 46000 miles.

General Comments:

This car is fantastic, and has a very good acceleration and consumption.

The a/c does not use fuel, and does not affect the engine power (you do not nearly notice loss of power when the A/C is on).

Very good ride and handling. Sometimes you feel a little bit of understeer when driving hard, but this is not a sports car!

Interiors are great. A minus point is that the back passengers do not have so much legroom, to compensate for an over sized boot.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2007

2002 Renault Megane dTi 1.9 turbo diesel




1) Alternator belt failed a month after being replaced due to vibrations. Belt went into toothed belt, which failed, twisted valves - had to replace half of the cylinder head.

2) Air conditioning faulty after 1 year - No warranty.

3) Air flap faulty too - No warranty.

4) Door rubber deteriorated immediately.

General Comments:

This car is crap - never again a Renault in my garage. Why oh why did I not get a second Subaru???

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Review Date: 18th July, 2006

18th Aug 2006, 10:47

My son has also experienced the failure of the alternator belt which then manged to get into the toothed cam-belt and yes it has scrapped the valves. This is particularly frustrating as it is the second time the cam-belt has failed resulting in considerable expense. I too would be very reluctant to purchase a Renault Megan in view of the many many complaints about the vehicles cam-belt life. Why in this day and age do we rely on a vulnerable belt to drive the valves when failure is so terminal. Have the motor manufacturers no better idea or do they not care once they have made the sale!