2001 Renault Scenic 1.6 16v


Would definitely buy another one for the wife


The model has an issue with engine ignition coils. Due to a design error these have the tendency to cause the engine to shudder from time to time. This can either occur on startup (spluttering) or even cause a sudden loss of power while driving. Although it is something you can live with (as the shuddering generally lasts seconds) it could be both embarrassing and possibly even dangerous if on a motorway.

Although original parts can be costly (around 60 euros per coil, and bought in a set of 4) there are cheaper replacement parts - but their reliability is as yet unconfirmed.

General Comments:

I exchanged my Twingo for a Clio, and then the Clio for the Scenic (for my dog to have more room). I am a Renault fan and will continue to buy from the French manufacturer.

This car is amazingly practical, superbly comfortable, and only around 1cm longer than the sedan Megane.

The 1.6 16v engine is surprisingly strong (good torque), while economy isn't so bad considering the size & weight of the vehicle (36mpg).

Visibility is very good, and even my wife loves it - who generally doesn't like Renaults. The car also has an infinite number of cubby holes (dashboard, under all 5 seats, boot area and floorboard), while the boot takes large items and is low-loading (good on the back).

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Review Date: 27th May, 2009

2000 Renault Scenic RTE 1.4 petrol


A fantastic comfortable car with an attitude because of the coils


Engine misfires and occasional loss of power after two years, 20,000km. Problem solved after service/plugs changed.

Engine misfires and occasional loss of power again every now and then. Every time I decide to visit agent car works in perfect order.

30,000 rear shock absorber goes hard and stuck. Changed while car underparts are still clean with low careful usage. (using my older Toyota for the day to day road running)

Misfiring stops for a year after I fitted the coils with O rings which exactly fit into upper groves of the coil, making the part water proof... Starts again bue works normal after cleaning down under near the sparking plug. Suspect design problem.

General Comments:

Very comfy ride and solid looks. I own the 2000 model metallic green. Beautiful car, real interior quality and many extras such as adjustable steering and seat height, handy radio controls at the steering. Problems after approx two years and low mileage...

There is a design problem in the engine which retains water/condensation near the coils killing the strength of the spark. I have Nippon Denso coils (my other car is a Toyota and I don't think these parts fail), which I do not suspect as the core problem of occasional sometimes continuous misfiring. I removed the coils myself (simple screw driver set tool) and found out that regularly the plugs where being exposed to moisture mysteriously accumulating in the bore where the coil fits. The design of the bore itself creates condensation or acts as a receptacle to water droplets.

Renault should see into this problem as it makes your car feel like an old tech car.

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Review Date: 19th October, 2006

2001 Renault Scenic Authentique 1.4 16v petrol


Very good value for money



General Comments:

This car has nearly every standard accessory which a lot of cars that are much more expensive do not have.

The only thing I can grumble about is that perhaps the 1400cc engine is a little too slow for a heavy car.

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Review Date: 26th September, 2001

2001 Renault Scenic Authentique 1.4 16v


Best family car money can buy


Nothing so far.

General Comments:

The car situation is a bit particular in Malta, with extreme taxes levied on new cars (in the range of 60% to 80%). The Scénic was the best value for money, scoring a bit better than the Citroën Xsara Picasso at a slightly lower price.

The Scénic is an extremely versatile car. You can move the back seats about, remove them, or make an even more comfortable four seater out of the car within a minute. The back has three full seats, each with a head rest and three-point seat belt.

Because of the elevated driving position, getting in and out is easy, visibility is very good, and the upright position of the driver and passengers leaves the car remarkably compact and easy to park (which, in Malta, is an asset not to be underestimated).

The long gear stick takes some getting used to. The 1.4 16v engine is on the light side for this relatively heavy car, but still I manage to spin the wheels in second gear, and steep hills are taken in second at 3000 to 4000 RPM. For the short distances on the island it's more than adequate.

The back is a bit noisy; I suspect the removable chairs of rattling around, but it's nothing major.

The comfort level is quite high. The Authentique, the level just above the basic edition, has electric front windows and mirrors, a satellite for the radio, and the air conditioner (a must in Malta) cools three soft drink cans in a special compartment. The car is littered with all kinds of pockets and compartments.

This is my first car. The only reason why I wouldn't buy it again is because I want the Scénic RX4 instead.

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Review Date: 23rd September, 2001

26th Sep 2001, 00:43

We are a couple from Malta who have purchased a new Renault Scenic nearly four months ago. This is also the 1.4 16v Authentique version, which in Malta has as standard accessories, air conditioning, 6 airbags and ABS as standard. We decided to purchase this car because we wanted an MPV and this was the best value for money. When the car was only 1 month old, we went with it overland to Italy, France and Germany and the car performed very well for a 1400cc engine.

Regarding the noise that your reader from Malta is getting for the rear of the car, we think that this comes from the seat belts which hang from the roof. Otherwise we are quite content with the Scenic.