1995 Seat Ibiza GLX 1.6EFI


Reliable, Sporty, Comfortable, Relatively inexpensive to run


Had to change clutch kit after 2 weeks of purchase. MOT test proved that the car was still in excellent condition yet did not test clutch performance. The clutch kit had to be changed at 68995km.

Head Lamp main switch shorted out at 75400km and needed to be changed entirely which was quite expensive, and could be repaired only through replacement.

General Comments:

Very good car, with reliable ride and good performance.

Very responsive 75bph engine which even though single point fuel injection (bosch monotronic system) delivers very good acceleration and torque when needed.

Shock absorbers are a bit to firm, (that's the comment of many people who get a ride on my car). Yet it is highly responsive and stable both at cruising and changing speeds.

Standard tires have a relatively wide base 185/60 R14 which offer a good base for both wet and dry roads.

Lacks adequate leg space at the back seats especially if you are a tall driver like me! but comfort is not a problem. Semi-bucket seats and headrests for the back and front seats make it a much comfortable and safer car.

Not the best of economical cars. Does 12.5km/L of Unleaded petrol. Which is 56.8Km/Gallon. But again depends on how much the rev. counter goes up and down as in any other car.

Cool interiors with ergonomic handles Also applies for dashboard for a 1995 car. Good Display and dashboard lights light up red at night.

Reliable in all situations, parts are a bit expensive and believe it or not, VW parts which match perfectly are cheaper. It is in fact a bit irritating to see VW logos on engine parts... gives the impression of being a cross breed (in fact it is).

Doesn't Give any problems if serviced regularly, maintained at optimum condition.

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2005

1996 Seat Ibiza GLX 1.6


Sporty car with a lot of problems


I have a very stiff Clutch and I took it to the agent and changed the cable and it is still hard as before.

Sometimes while I am driving it switches off and its very hard to switch it on again.

It is very comfortable car, but I have the above problems that neither the agent was good enough to repair or know whats the problem. wish some one helps me.

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Review Date: 20th February, 2003

31st Dec 2004, 08:55

I have an Ibiza GLX 1.6 EFI like you have with a 55kW power too. Last year I had a problem with the Clutch being to tight and it ended up with problems on shifting gears and putting it in reverse gear. Took it to the mechanic... said it was the preassure plate which is an essential part of the clutch kit. So I changed the Clutch kit and it is as good as new I guess. Clutch is still a bit hard, but it's a cable clutch so don't expect miracles! If I were you I would compare it with another car with a cable clutch and a relatively big engine like our 1.6L. You can actually compare it to a hydraulic clutch because that's another league :) but I found that a new clutch kit is quite good and performance of the car went up drastically too. Clutch cable alone won't do the difference since it will only decrease very slightly the friction if there is any.