1978 Skoda Estelle 105L 1..0 petrol


The best built car ever!


Apart from normal service and normal wear and tear like exhaust, speedometer, clutch, brakes and a couple of eletrical faults, nothing has ever stopped the 105 from completing it's journey.

General Comments:

I think that the 105 was the best built car in the world ever. Considering the high mileage and the jokes I had to go through, and that it has never ever let me down, it's just the best built car in the world!

Today I own other Skodas, but the 105 is just my pride and joy.

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2001

31st Jan 2002, 07:10

I totally agree with you, I also own a 120l from 1978. It's a very strong and cheap car, and I'm very happy that you are pleased too. No one can truly love a car until they don't get one

Vali, Romania.