1988 Volkswagen Golf GTD 1.6 turbo diesel


Fast, reliable and economical... and gents, you will be getting a Panzer, not a car!


Not much went wrong actually. I replaced all the rear braking system and a new steering rack.

General Comments:

Well, I wish VW built cars like these again. I mean, this car is so reliable, and having a 1.6TD, it is really fast when the turbo kicks in and also very economical. It returns 60 MPG in urban conditions - driven carefully.

Although mine was bought in a not very pleasant state, the solid German quality is still there when compared with my previous Peugeot.

Being a GTD, it looks much like a GTi from the outside with the same kit etc... it also sits 5 people quite comfortably.

Remember it is an old diesel, so it is very noisy, but much more reliable than what they are building today.

Handling; I cannot say it is better than my previous Peugeot, because it is not, and not as comfortable either, but much more reliable and better built for sure.

I would recommend this car, because it was built to last forever, and if taken care of, it will out last you.

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Review Date: 28th July, 2012

29th Jul 2012, 16:26

60 MPG in city driving? Are you sure about that?

Even the new TDI VWs don't get that...