2005 BMW 3 Series 325i F1 SMG 2.5 liters


Great handling, acceleration and build quality


When the car was merely 1 year old, it developed an electrical problem: if I closed the car with the remote control, the car would open all the windows and the roof and when driving, suddenly, only 1st and 2nd gear would be available; it is the SMG model. I took it to the dealer, and they couldn't find the cause of the problem until after 1 month of having the car.

The dealer has been the worst experience I had in automotive problems. They changed my steering wheel for an old use one! I have even sent letters to BMW headquarters in Germany for this dishonest and terrible service, but they did nothing.

I had to go to Mercedes to do my services, luckily they accepted me. The alarm doesn't function, every time I close the car, the alarm pops up.

Now the siren doesn't work, only the lights, and recently, the car lost its battery charge.

I have just put some new tyres: BfGoddrich TKW Sport.

Those are the only things that have gone wrong with my car. Otherwise, it is a fantastic, well built automobile.

General Comments:

This is a very pleasant car to drive. It accelerates wonderfully. The SMG transmission is fantastic, and it really takes the best out of the engine. It accelerates very well. I have proven that the 3251 F1 SMG is even faster than the automatic 330i, as well as the Focus ST. Both cars have far more HPS, and not only in acceleration, but in final speed. The handling is very good, but if the tyres are not perfect it can become tricky, even more so than in other cars I know of.

You have to get used to the SMG tranny and it isn't for everyone. I would discourage most people from getting this transmission, unless you are very much oriented towards speed. In the city it is terrible to drive the SMG. If the car is cold, it will be too brutal. If you want to park in a small place, you'd better have the manual brake in your hand, if you want to prevent small crashes. And, after some city driving it even gets unadjusted, so you have to take it to be serviced, and they will adjust it very quickly with a computer.

The car is very well finished and no doubt it is solidly built; although, I prefer the sound of the Mercedes doors when closing, than the back doors of these Bimmers. The materials don't show any age at all.

The car is a little too low, so, the front fender cover might get stuck with some parking bumps.

Overall: great car.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 21st June, 2010