2004 Ford EcoSport 2.0


Build quality is terrific


Absolutely nothing, except the stereo is pretty cheezy.

There was not one single defect, as delivered from the factory.

Build quality is first class.

General Comments:

Drove the Ecosport up to Canada from Mexico and spent the winter here; so far so good.

Getting parts might be tough up here in Canada, or in the U.S.

The oil filter used is totally unknown here; luckily I brought two along from Mexico.

The leather interior was worth every penny of the extra cost: the leather is smooth as butter.

Has lots of power, at least with the manual transmission. Quiet cruising, at least for a 4-cylinder.

Rear seat room is not for adults, though.

This SUV gets appreciative looks wherever we go.

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Review Date: 4th April, 2005

2004 Ford EcoSport 1.6


Fun car for a low price


Had to replace The spark plug wires after the 10,000 kms services. The cost of the replacement wires to high. The average cost of a wire set is around $ 80.00 usd and the cost of the wire set for this car is around $ 400.00 usd, a bit expensive!

The engine has become a little bit noise.

General Comments:

It is an excellent buy for low budget.

It handles like a car and the engine is very powerful, but not very economic in gas usage.

Fun car to drive.

Had to work more on the finish of the interiors, poor quality.

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Review Date: 27th May, 2004

17th Sep 2004, 08:30

We also bought an Ecosport in Mexico; we agree with what this reviewer says: good power from the engine, but poor gas mileage. Fun to drive, smooth, handles like a car.

I disagree about the "roominess". This is a SMALL vehicle, with very little storage room inside. We had to buy a roof-top carrier just to travel on a short vacation, because inside there is very little storage space.

Dealer experience was okay, except for "extorting" another $10,000 pesos from us for the "mediocre-quality" leather seats that they added just before delivery. If you think car dealers in the U.S. are unscrupulous & underhanded, wait until you experience the Mexican version!