2001 GMC Jimmy SLS S1A 4.3L V6


Not enough bang for your buck


In the first year I owned this Jimmy, it spent a total of 36 weekdays in the dealership's repair department. From the factory alarm not sounding until the door was closed after being armed, to an "Undetermined, UnReproducable and UnCorrectable" front end issue, that resulted in my trading in this SUV.

Vehicle had various "to be expected" issues, but too many that couldn't be isolated or completely corrected. The Alarm (Factory install) worked on the lot, and never again after that. The front ball joints, unpper and lower A-Frames and Control arms were replaced twice. I have to give the service department credit, always polite, pleasent and upfront. GM spent over $7,000 in warranty work the first year, and another $3200 the last 7 months I had it...

General Comments:

The Jimmy handles rather nimbly, and is very responsive. Drivers should use caution on wet, or slippery surfaces. The high profile (relative to the general size and mass) make this a vehicle that easily looses control. Over all ride is comfortable, but if you plan on passengers in the backseat, get the four door. The Driver side seat does not flip forward.

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Review Date: 8th June, 2003