2005 Jeep Liberty Sport 4x4 3.7




Windows stuck (3 separate windows) - had to replace motors.

No local agency only a sales office, so service is non existent.

General Comments:

It's a fun car for around town. It is a high-ish vehicle so makes you 'feel' safer. I get around 14 mpg, less in the hills.

Seems to have no real power, very slow to 'kick in' when you need the speed.

My biggest beef is that although 'trail rated' and a 4x4 it has very little clearance in reality and I scrape the bottom a lot. It makes for a very slow journey in the mountains. I cannot see this manufacturers claim of 10"... it is a lot less.

I have a ranch in the hills in Oaxaca, Southern Mexico so I needed a car with a good off road capability. This car does not have it. I assure you.

Buy it for fun, DO NOT buy the 4x4 version for it is a waste of money. Buy it for your daughter to drive around shopping.

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Review Date: 7th April, 2007

2nd May 2007, 12:13

Good points on the ground clearance and gas mileage. Perhaps there is a lift kit that would help? Never the less, gas mileage is pitiful.

13th Aug 2007, 22:12

Lift kit? Real grown-ups don't mess around with junk like that!