1970 Mercedes-Benz W114 250 2.5 petrol


Beauty outside, Beast inside


Nothing considering this is a 40 year old car.

The carburetors.


Power steering leaks.

Engine leaks.

Rust in floor panels - replaced.

General Comments:

Soft, reliable and classic looking car.

Carbs changed for a Weber kit, and it runs very well now.

I bought it from an ex US embassy worker who did not use it, but kept it stored for too long with some rust in the floor panels, and leaks here and there. It took some time and money to restore.

Now is working very good, with a pleasurable driving and with an elegant look (the body in navy with honey interiors).

It is not a fast car, but is comfortable and safe. I had a crash where a old heavy Ford hit me in the left side, and no major damage was caused.

I am impressed with the quality of this car, and the fact that is a Mercedes, but is a simple car; no power windows, locks, or complicated devices that would make it difficult to repair.

I love it.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 21st June, 2010