1999 Mercury Cougar 2.5 LT


Its like having a new girlfriend


Well I purchased the car at a very good state, having a mileage of 99,000. Ever since then its been a blast driving it, but my trunk never seems to open. It was weird as well that the problem occured after the first week of purchase.

Then the same problem with the check engine light like many other people. I researched and all it needs is an Update, I live in a border city to Mexico and shops there are really inexpensive being that dealerships take advantage of people. The dealership offered me an update for 300 dollars, and in Mexico all I did was buy the shop attendant a pack of cigarettes. Be careful with dealerships people, they rip you off. Here I see both sides of the coin.

Recently at well over 150,000 miles I have replaced the battery once, Shocks and Suspension, and Gas Pump. All these for about 600 dollars.

The car now works great at over 150,000.

General Comments:

It runs quickly and right corner turns are very fun to do. Its only let me down once due to a gas pump failure, however in my city we have many floods and the car runs trough like nothing if I have to drive trough strong weather conditions. The interior however can be a bit too hot during the summertime and I have had my share of quite a few electrical problems. Other than that, I LOVE MY CAR!

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 15th September, 2007