2000 Opel Corsa Economic 1.4 Gasoline/Benzin


Small, not so fast, but reliable car


In order to get a reliable car, you need to spend quite a lot on maintenance, maybe not a lot of money compared to other cars, but knowing the price of this model, at 85,000 km the catalytic converted burst and it cost about 150 € to fix it, also you need to change the battery yearly.

But the upholstery is not as good as I wish, it's badly worn on the driver's seat, but all the other seats are quite fine.

About the engine, I have not had any problems with it, it runs smooth. There was this time in a flood, when the front wheels weren't touching the ground, the car started to float, but no water got inside the cabin, and the engine did not stop. Also service parts are cheap.

And you must perform a major maintenance every 10,000 kilometers which includes:

- Air filter

- Time gage

- Spark plugs

- Oil change (you're suppose to go for this every 5,000 kilometers)

- Oil filter

- Injection system cleanup

- Gasoline filter

- Acceleration body cleanup

If you do this you'll have it running forever.

Also cheap on gas.

General Comments:

You need to put attention on the maintenance, but if you do, as you should do on any car, everything will be fine.

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Review Date: 27th January, 2009

2001 Opel Corsa LS 1.6 petrol


Nice, fun, small personal car


Even though the engine works properly in cold weather, after the firs ignition of the day, the plastic parts of the cabin shake for the first five minutes, so the car was not very well built.

The economy is far from what the local dealer claim that this model gives, and only outside the city it seems to get better.

General Comments:

A very reliable co-worker; a nice small car that handles very well, and has enough stamina when is required.

Despite the altitude of Mexico City -over 2000 meters-, the 1.6 engine is a fine piece that runs around 130 kmp/h without shakes or noises in the inside.

The font seats are comfortable and the wheel and stick are at the proper distance to be manipulated safely.

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Review Date: 26th April, 2007

2004 Opel Corsa Comfort 1.8


*Overall, the car it's perfect for daily use, sweet on highways and very cheap to maintain


The little switch for the motion sensor device on the upper side by the mirror pop out, I fixed.

General Comments:

*The gap needed at high rpm's between first and second shift it's too short.

*Needs steering wheel level adjuster, the stock position it's to high.

*The car came with 14" rims with caps; I will change those to 17"alloys with low profile tires to get better performance.

*The sound system sounds good, but needs more bass, I will install a self amplified tube.

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Review Date: 20th January, 2005

6th Mar 2005, 11:58

Where is the picture of the car you are talking about.

9th Jul 2013, 06:52

I owned an Opel Corsa 1.2 Ecotec petrol with Easytronic gear shift, which I bought in 2005 brand new. In total it's a great car, but the Easytronic gear shift is a mess. The gear shift is mechanical and has an attached part that plays the clutch. This part is composed of electronic package that commands a piston with brake fluid. The program that commands this system is a total failure. After repairing it more than 8 times, I decided to change the whole gear shift to manual mode by adapting it.

Conclusion - Don't spend money on scrap! This kind of car won't be repaired! Choose the manual version and you will love it!

1994 Opel Corsa Joy 1.4


Just a few details, like a water pump, cam belt and radiator. But they've happened at considerable kilometers.

General Comments:

Excellent car for the city.

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Review Date: 31st May, 2001