1975 Renault 12 TN 1.3


A car that I love and will keep forever!


Nothing serious really.

Suspension was a mess back when I got it.

Engine was passing some oil, fixed it real cheap.

Regular maintenance avoids ugly surprises.

General Comments:

Incredibly tough little car that still takes an 800 km beating in a single day when I visit El Paso, TX. I did that trip 9 times last year (2005).

I love the fuel economy it gives for such an old car: 13km/Lt. It does 100 km/h no sweat.

Not the most beautiful nor comfortable car from that era, but fun to drive, easy to fix, and certainly on its way to become a classic.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2006

4th Feb 2006, 18:23

"It does 100 km/h no sweat."

- 100 KM/H = about 62 MPH. You must love going slow!!!

21st Mar 2006, 00:22

If you wanted to fly around at 90mph everywhere then you wouldn't get one in the first place. The point is that they have no problems keeping up with freeway traffic, unlike many older cars about, as well as fools I see in newer cars who love doing 50mph (why...why???) My 12 sits on 110km/h (70mph - this is the speed limit on Australian interstate freeways) up hills with no problems, it just starts to get a little scary over 140...

22nd Mar 2011, 00:01

Hello Renault r12 owner... I live in Phoenix Arizona. You were saying that you make a trip to El Paso Texas every year. Would you consider driving up to Phoenix so I can see your Renault? I have 3 of them myself... it would be nice to see what you have... do you have pictures? Here is my email, you can write and send me pics, and I'll do the same... Thanx... gracious@cox.net.