2003 Renault Laguna Privilege 3.0 V6


Very fun to drive, great electronics


- Battery replaced at 10,000 kilometres ($90 US dollars).

- Two bobbins replaced at 33,000 kilometres ($200 US dollars).

- 4 disc breaks replaced at 40,000 ($1100 US dollars).

- Driver seat used to squeak, but the infernal sound fixed by itself.

General Comments:

- Excellent car although quite expensive to run when compared to my previous 4 Volkswagens (3 Jetta and 1 Golf).

- The low end torque the 3.0 V6 makes is amazing and pushes well at any speed up to 240 km/h. Thrilling sound with the K&N high flow air filter installed which makes you remember the Volkswagen'ss VR6's from the 90's.

- The 5 gears are long, but go well with the high torque; they seem to be designed specially for Mexico.

- Although it handles quite well, specially in the highways, on winding roads it inclines more than you'd prefer, and makes you be more cautious.

- Electronic traction control, anti-slip, brake assist, ABS work great as let you slip a little into corners before being over protective.

- Very comfortable, and silent.

- Amazing seats, specially on long trips.

- Letizia talks to you whenever you don't use your seat-belt or something goes wrong.

- Awful dealers, when the bobbins went wrong they couldn't detect the problem, even when I told them that a bobbin could be a possibility. I had to change it myself.

- CONCLUSION: Great car, dealers not recommended, buy your parts and find someone who knows a little of mechanics and ask him to change them.

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Review Date: 8th November, 2005