1984 BMW 3 Series 315 1.6


A high comfort low budget cruiser


The clutch help-cylinder broke down.

There was a leak near the back-right wheel in the brake-fluid-system.

Seats have started to wear badly.

Engine starts difficult in cold weather. The automatic choke starts working too late, but when it works, it works fine!

General Comments:

When you start driving a BMW, you'll never want another brand. I've driven almost any car for my work with a leasing company, but my own old 315 is the one I really love driving! If only the gas-prices would drop...

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Review Date: 12th January, 2002

1990 BMW 3 Series 325iX 2.5 liter injection


Serious killer on the road


Air conditioning out of order.

Driver's seat is broken.

Oil consumption.

General Comments:

Great fun driving this car. It was tuned by Schnitzer in Germany and is extremely fast. 4 wheel drive touring version.

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Review Date: 29th July, 2001

18th Mar 2008, 11:10

Your opinion is sound. It is a fantastic car to drive. Road noise is high. It is a pure sport ride. It is a great car for winter with superior braking and handling. The cost to maintain is high.

1992 BMW 3 Series 316i 1.6 LPG


Just fantastic!


I've had some interior problems and the car drives very badly on petrol.

General Comments:

It's a fantastic car! Great handling, but maybe a bit underpowered for a 100 hp car that weighs 1206 kg. I only believe that the previous generation 3 Series (the E30) had a stronger interior.

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Review Date: 25th June, 2000

14th Feb 2001, 10:20


I'm looking to do an LPG conversion on my E30 318i. Can you tell me the air mixer unit is located?

Many thanks,

Richard Gould, UK.

20th Feb 2001, 12:32

All E36 interior quality faults were fixed by late 1992 cars, the build quality from then was superb.

1st Aug 2001, 16:02


I've got an E36 coupe, 1997. The handling is so poor if you go offroad, and the engine gets more noisy when you reach above 170 KM/h. The car still only has low kilometers on it, about 25 thousand...

7th Sep 2004, 18:15

A 316i, off road, going 170km/h?

I think the engine has a right to be noisy, it is not even an off road car.

6th May 2006, 18:13

The engine will be noisy at that speed even if it where on the motorway. It would be doing at least 4000RPM...

13th May 2008, 16:06

My 316i seems to be a bit sluggish.. Was wondering if anyone has any idea to give it a little more boost? Tried injector treatment but didn't seem to do anything. Also when first started in the morning it revs up and down for a minute or two before it goes to a normal idle... Any suggestions?