1992 BMW 8 Series 850i 5.0 liter V12


Very well build and good looking, but complicated car


Intake gaskets has been replaced. No problem; happens every 7 years. Has been corrected on the CSi model.

Wiper fluid bottle in the back should refill the (smaller) one in front. It doesn't. It Has been to the dealer several times and a lot of time (and money!) has been put into it. Still doesn't work. Dealer wants to replace computers. I suspect a bad contact somewhere. So replacing computers is not an option for now.

Sunroof was damaged (did not close correctly) by company who put in the certified alarm system (could not prove it). Expensive to repair.

It was quite difficult to get the alarm system working properly (took 3 systems). But it now works very well.

I had CSi mirrors on it (3 pairs in a row). They all have been stolen. It now has the standard mirrors on it.

On Board Computer pixels are dropping out rapidly. Will fix it at some point in time. New computer will have the same problem, so that's not the preferred route to go.

General Comments:

Steering lacks feed back.

Very good suspension. Will be bumpy (and uncomfortable) on bad roads. But speed bumps are not a problem.

The interior is outdated on some points, but it easily beats most cars (even other BMW's).

It has the best looking pop-up headlights.

It is a true coupe (no B-pillar).

Lots of cool features. It might be missing out on some of the high tech options which are becoming more available nowadays (like rain sensors and navigation) but its feature list is still very long.

It is a bit heavy. But comparing it to recent cars like Austin Martins, this is not completely true. If it had been lighter it would have been even faster. But luxury has it price.

I would trade it in only for a 850 CSi (still looking...).

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Review Date: 10th September, 2003

25th May 2004, 12:46

Aston Martin!!!

16th Dec 2004, 08:51

Yes aston martin the first db7 on the market in early 1990s are slower than the 850csi and that's a fact!!

1st Mar 2006, 01:56

Why in the years of 2006 and the future did not comes out the new 8 Series.



8 Series is better than 7 Series and so on.

It is a sport cars.

11th Feb 2007, 22:08

I agree!!! bring back the 8 series!!! I am currently looking for either a 92 850i (or csi!) or a 2002 g5 coupe, and so far the 8 series is winning my vote!

30th Apr 2010, 18:43

G5 Coupe as in Pontiac G5?!?!?!

Or did you mean an Infiniti G35?

Even though neither compare to the Great 8, at least the Infiniti carries SOME credibility!