1994 Citroen AX first impresion 1.1i


Fun affordable and cheap


Nothing. The only thing that's gone a bit pear shaped is a rattle in the front of the car. This was attributed to a broken drive shaft which was replaced before I got the car. The ratle persists, but the car is still runing strong.

The only real thing that has broken is the knob for controlling the fan speed.

General Comments:

I love the AX it is a great first car. You can comfortably carry 4 people and some luggage. The engine is willing and sips petrol. I get 14km to the liter and I drive like I'm in a rally, so with some calmer driving much better mileage should be possible. The siting position is fine for me, but I'm pretty short at 1.75m. The only things I don't like about my car are the wheels and tires and the 3 stud fitments. The car is very nippy around corners and it handles pretty safely even at the limit. As far as fun to price ratios go this car is great.

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Review Date: 26th April, 2006

5th Jun 2015, 07:29

You state that the Citroen AX is "not far off 2CV territory". The Citroen 2CV is one of the most successful cars ever made spanning over 42 years officially. I drove one half way around the world; used it in the UK; and then sold it after 18 years of use.

Dashboard lights failing:-

On most "more modern" cars from this era (1990s) you will find that some of the dashboard lights do fail by 15 years of age. I cannot comment on the AX exactly, but I know on lots of other cars, including the Citroen ZX I believe, the lights are live and on all of the time (day or night). This reduces the life of the bulbs.

They cost very little money to replace. On my Citroen XM, which is 16 years old now, I took the dashboard apart and replaced the one or two that were blown. It is called routine servicing.

Noisy diesels you mention. Well diesels are noisy, particularly from this era; and on lightweight small cars, the noise is more pronounced and amplified.

It was these "environmental/economical" measures that enabled the Citroen AX to be in the Guinness book of records as the most economical production car ever.

In 1990's I had a turbo diesel Fiat Uno; brought over from Italy, as the turbo diesel version was never sold in the UK. Hard starting was and is often a "trademark" of diesel cars of this era, with a bit of age.

Remember the 1990s was the real start and take off of small engined diesel road vehicles. Diesel mania.

I have never owned, but only been a passenger in a Citroen AX. However if one needs an economical car, a Citroen AX diesel or petrol is high on the list. The key to it was the light design.

1987 Citroen AX RE 1.1


Some trouble, but still very reliable


The head gasket blew last week.

Due to rust problems, the bottom of the car needed a lot of welding. There was a considerable hole in the floor behind the passenger seat.

Door lock (driver's side) is loose.

Exhaust pipe fell off the car while backing into a parking space. It sounded like a Harley Davidson (pretty funny).

There are some rumbling noises in the right front wheel socket, when taking curves at high speed. Lots of investigation and repairs by the previous owner, but no cause found yet.

General Comments:

I bought the car from a friend for only 150 Euros (100 Pounds?), so I could afford some repairs.

It's my first car and I'm totally in love with it (I've even got a new Citroen logo from a scrap heap in France to replace the original, which was stolen last year!).

The engine runs really well, no ignition problems.

Gears are working fine, no troubles expected there.

A big plus is that the AX is pretty easy to fix. Most repairs won't cost a lot of money.

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Review Date: 19th August, 2002