1988 Citroen CX 25 TRI Break 2.5 petrol


You will probably spend more money on it than is wise, but you won't mind!


The starter has been replaced.

The alternator has been replaced.

New parts have been welded into rusty parts of the chassis.

The temperature sensor of the cooling system malfunctioned, leading to temperatures of up to 113 degrees Celsius (!).

The suspension system once was damaged, leading to the loss of all suspension fluid, preventing us to drive home from holidays.

The hinges of the back door have been replaced.

The air conditioning no longer functions, in spite of a repair.

General Comments:

Over the past ten years my wife and I have become attached to the car. Particularly on the highway it is a very comfortable car, driving for two hours at 120 km/hr does not lead to any fatigue at all! Driving at 180 km/hr is a bit disappointing, only the engine becomes louder (and consumes more fuel), without any further signs of high velocity in the handling characteristics of the car. Superb!!

Going on holidays is what this car is made for. Loading everything you need, without any puzzling what to put where, and off you go. With a heavy load the car sticks to the road like glue.

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Review Date: 9th November, 2002

1986 Citroen CX 25 GTi Automatic 2.5 injection


Very smooth and comfortable daily driver


Repairs until now:

Electronics (cooling fan wiring, fuel pump wiring, flywheel sensors) are not too good. Best to check the condition of the wiring regularly and clean the connectors.

Further: Wear in rear trailing arm bearings.

General Comments:

+: Smooth, fast and very comfortable. Spacious. Good sound dampening. Beautiful styling. Cheap insurance as the car is a classic. Running costs low and car is mechanically very reliable.

-: Fuel efficiency moderate. Electronics suffer from wiring corrosion. Older cars suffer from corrosion of the doors and bootlid. Some parts may be difficult to obtain and one needs a specialised workshop that knows what they are doing and that doesn't charge a fortune for a repair.

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Review Date: 30th June, 2000