1985 Citroen Visa Club 0.65 2 cyl.


Clutch every 70,000 kms (42K miles). Easy to replace (by yourself).

Exhaust at 140,000 kms.

New head brake cylinder at 120,000 kms.

The seats are worn at low mileage.

Rust in front and especially rear wheel cases (check suspension fitting!).

Several controls failed (interior light, buttons, etc.)

General Comments:

I have owned two cars of these, and both had rust problems. Check especially in the boot, the rear wheel suspension fitting. Welding is possible.

This car can be driven long without major problems and without maintenance (not recommended though...). It has a very smooth roadability and is very comfortable. Parts are cheap, interior space is huge (...) and practical, engine has high mileage (1 to 15/16 is possible). The 1.1 engines are even better performers (1 to 17/18 is possible) and the drive train is a bit more 'quirky', due to extra stabilisation rods. Greatest car in its class/years! Buying is cheap, add some more for eventual welding and repairs! Then you have a good car!

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Review Date: 14th March, 1999