1974 Fiat 128 SL Coupe USA 1.3


A very handsome and fast coupe from the time when Fiat used to make nice cars


I recently overhauled the little car after its 12 year long rest. The only real problem is the dirt in the fuel system, the main jet in the carb gets clogged now and then. I also had a flat tube. No blame there, the car is 27 years old and it's my daily driver.

General Comments:

The beefy engine delivers about 80 HP, not bad for a 1300. The car is also very light, and it drives like a race car (that's why I gave it a 7 for comfort, the suspension is quite stiff).

Fuel consumption is pretty bad; on 1 liter of gas I can go about 9 Km.

Not many of you know the car, but it's a beautiful little coupe.

When you press the pedal, you'll hear that deep grrrrooooowwwwll!!! I guess nothing beats a double Weber when it comes to sound.

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Review Date: 16th February, 2001

1st Jul 2001, 19:32

I had a brand new 128 back in 73'. I loved that damn car. Broke my heart when my best friend drove it and bent the front axle... I wasn't able to get a replacement for months and my dad finally made me get rid of it. If I ever win the lotto I will track one down and buy it!