1995 Ford Fiesta Classic 1.3i petrol


I love it!


Ignition coil packed up this summer, whilst on holiday in Italy.

Stuck brake caliper due to old fluid (2010).

Clutch worn (previous owner was an elderly stateswoman).

Brake servo broke down recently.

Minor wear/age related issues.

General Comments:

My first car was and still is, this Fiesta, and I hope it will be so for a long time. There are many good things about it, and I don't mind the minor downsides.

The good: value for money. Top job by Ford in my opinion, more than decent space you get for a little car, especially with the rear seats folded, you can carry some big stuff around. Fold the passenger seat and items up to 2 meters in length will fit.

Economy: surprisingly excellent. I did not expect this initially, since the 8 valve HCS engine dates back to the Anglia, but with some help from my calm driving, I squeeze 18 kilometres out of every liter (11 miles per liter). Add to this the low road tax, and all other alternatives just seem too expensive to me.

Replacement parts are hilariously cheap!

One thing you might need to get used to is the engine noise; it does rattle, quite a lot. Nothing unhealthy there, but it does have a peculiar soundtrack to it (which I kinda like actually). Rust can be a (cosmetic) issue, but nothing structurally dangerous.

Comfort: the old seats were done for after 14 years, I remember having to adjust my position twice on my drive to pick up a set of original Recaro seats, as the old ones delivered no side support. I'm nice and snug in the Recaro seats now.

Ride: Hardly sportive, the body rolls quite a lot. Bumps don't go unnoticed, but do not tire you on longer trips either. Performance is not my top priority, and the Fiesta seems to agree, it's not a boy racer, but again, I don't drive to get out of the car as soon as possible. Take it easy, you'll get there. Steering feel is confident, and the car will willingly follow your inputs. I previously drove the car with power steering, before taking it off for some more fuel economy. Both configurations were well manageable as it only weighs 840kg.

My experience with it: many pleasant trips around town and two joyful holidays so far, taking it from the Netherlands to the Czech Republic and Northern Italy, where it charged through the hills and up the Stelvio Pass. Although it was my ignition coil which packed up there this summer, I couldn't really fault anyone for that, coils either work or don't, so bad luck in that case.

All in all, a very enjoyable motorcar, with no spectacular performance, but with a minimal price tag fuel wise and maintenance wise. With 100000km just around the corner, I don't doubt I'll be doing more happy miles in the future.

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Review Date: 12th November, 2013

1981 Ford Fiesta L 1.1


It's a fabulous small and fast fun car, ready for another 30+ years :)


The only thing that went wrong was the ignition; those points had to be replaced too often, so we changed the dizzy for one with an electronic ignition inside.

General Comments:

It was a slow as a snail and pink when we bought it, neglected for about 9 years in a garage.

Now the small car is red again, feels more like a small street sleeper, as we've done 0 to 100 kmh (62mph) in less than 8 seconds (GPS timing) more than once.

Since we've put some modifications in and on it, she drives like a real sports car. She's still quite comfy, and on the highway she can play along with the rest till far over the legal speed limits out there.

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Review Date: 23rd November, 2012

24th Nov 2012, 09:08

I think you mean 0-62mph in 18 seconds... that was about what my 1100 could manage.

2002 Ford Fiesta First Edition 1.4 petrol


A satisfying, efficiently twisty drive


I had a small problem with the rear window defrosting circuit blowing fuses (discovered after 4 months of pleasant summer/fall driving). The cause was an exposed wire shorting out and blowing the fuse. The Ford dealer in Hilversum was able to diagnose the problem and fix it in 30 minutes, while I waited (This was a pleasant surprise).

General Comments:

The car is wonderful to drive for a mini car (this is now the smallest car I've driven since my 1973 Beetle).

The previous car was a Jetta, and while the back-seat space isn't a generous as the Jetta, the driving and comfort is comparable for a small car.

The plastics are a substantial, but a bit hard - comparable to the Mercedes A-class or Audi A2. They can scratch easily, but rub down with a soft cloth.

It sucks up speed-bunps well, as well as cobblestone streets, but the car could benefit from a more subtle suspension. Still, it's excellent in the curves as it is...

The rear of the car is beginning to get that "Ford-clunk" - where the exhaust system bonks the bottom of the car in corners.

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Review Date: 16th November, 2002