1969 Ford Taunus 12m 1.3


Full size roominess in a 865kg car


Rust, rust, rust. Needed 2 paint jobs and welding within 8 years.

Gas leaked from the tank.

Engine replaced 2 times, only the last one (a 1.5 liter) held together.

It was very basic, not much else to go wrong.

General Comments:

Very comfortable and roomy for such a small car. (The smallest Ford of its time.)

Trunk was huge.

Column shifter was new to me, but I preferred it over a floor shifter.

It lacked a 5th gear of course.

Sometimes it selected 2 gears at once. Only remedy was to shut the engine off and open the hood to dislodge the linkage.

The clutch was adjustable while driving.

Parts were hard to get, but cheap.

McPherson suspension in front, leaf springs in the back. It handled great. Not to soft, not to firm. Good for driving long distances without getting tired.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 9th April, 2009