1997 Hyundai Tiburon FX 2.0


Dream car


I have had my Tiburon 3 years now, and so far the only problem I had was a broken glove-box lock which was fixed for free (warranty).

General Comments:

Concerning comfort, the 2.0 version offers everything I need, airconditioner, leather seats, ABS, etc.

Driving the car is like a dream. In the curves it really sticks to the road, you really feel that it was trimmed by Porsche.

I have had a Ford Probe and a Toyota Celica before, but the Tiburon really is unbeatable on a curvy track.

The 2.0 engine is powerful enough and has good torque from about 1800 rpm which is really good for a sportscar.

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Review Date: 6th December, 2000

10th Feb 2007, 06:05

You are right, the 2.0L version has awesome power, and handling. I've change the stock tyres to 205/40/17. The handling is tight and awesome. Power output is limited when the aircon is running, however when overtaking at high speed, turn aircon off, for that extra torque.