1993 Lada 2105 1.5 Kat


It takes me everywhere I want


Broken down clutch, wobbly gearbox, busted alternator, wheel bearings, dodgy unmaintained small things due to the previous owner when I got it (it had received no love from the previous owner).

Busted headlight at 50.000 km due to an accident.

Clutch plates at 66.000km.

Wheel bearings, charger and battery broke at 71.000 km.

Main radiator rusted through at 78.000 km. (all in the same trip!)

Brake lines froze off at 79000 when the car wasn't used for the winter, because of the radiator that was gone. Car stood still for 5 months due to delivery troubles of the radiator.

All new brake pads front and back, brake lines

First and last damper of the exhaust needs replacing now at 81000 km.

General Comments:

I love it!

Some see it as a money pit, but I don't.

Had a little trouble in the beginning because of the previous owner, never pre-checked anything, didn't even do a good MOT / APK on it. Didn't change parts at the designated times provided by the manufacturer, and never took care of it.

So I added a lot of love and spent a lot of money in the beginning, getting the car to a good standard. That proved to be a good choice.

This car is ugly for many people, but I love the look! It makes me happy, drives me everywhere in Europe (even to steep slopes in the wintertime to go on winter sport trips!) My friends love the car, because even when it's broken down for them a lot, I always manage to get it working, and it delivers. That's the most important thing.

It's roomy, has lots of space, very comfortable on long drives (much better seating than the newer cars with their hard seats).

And it's a white box on wheels that brings me dry and happy to where I want!

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 26th June, 2010