1999 Lancia Delta HPE 1.6


A great all-rounder


Wiper motor at 91000.

Didn't run smooth ever since I bought the car, but it remained in working order until it finally broke.

General Comments:

A very solid and reliable car. No rust whatsoever, interior looks like new, no wear and tear. It feels like it's made in Germany.

Road-holding however, is typical Italian. It corners very tight, and sticks to the road like glue, and the brakes... The brakes are just awesome. It doesn't swing left or right when braking hard, and it doesn't dive either (No ABS).

Despite the sporty chassis, it has plenty ground clearance, and it is still quite comfy. But being a sporty car, it isn't a flying carpet.

As with any car, low RPM's give decent mileage and a more docile ride.

One shouldn't forget to shift down before overtaking other vehicles, since the engine only wakes up above 3500 RPM. The change is like Jeckyl and Hyde. It's very peppy, just don't expect to be king of the hill driving a 1.6.

The car is luxurious for its size.

Firm seats, adjustable in any direction, steering wheel as well, climate control is very easy to control. Power windows, brakes, steering, mirrors and locks. Factory 6 speakers are way above average. Everything you need comes with the car.

All the above features can more or less be found in other makes, but the timeless Italian design sets this one apart.

Stylish, versatile and affordable.

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Review Date: 9th April, 2009

1992 Lancia Delta Integrale EVO1 2.0 turbo 16v


As if it just came off a rally stage


After 8000 kilometers my gearbox fell apart. A "gearbox specialist" fixed it for me. It took them more than three months to get my gearbox repaired. Some parts have to come from Italy, so that takes some time. In all it was quite expensive. 13000 kilometers later my gearbox broke down again. To save some money I just took out the engine and gearbox and stored my delta in a barn. It will be 2006 before my baby is on the road again. But I'm not thinking of selling this rally legend. Never!

General Comments:

Good power, just a bit of an old turbo. More lag than a sierra cosworth.

Perfect handling. Corners better than a Porsche.

People stop in front of you and smile or point at you. Have you ever stopped for an Impreza!!!

Incredible dashboard with seven dials and more than ten lights.

It won the WRC six times in a row. Who wouldn't want one.

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Review Date: 21st January, 2005