1990 Maserati 222 2.0 V6 Bi-turbo


Love makes you blind


Alarm system broke and gave problems, so was disconnected.

Problems with ground contacts and several relays.

Aircon must be refilled; it blows warm air.

General Comments:

Well when you want to buy a Bi-turbo, never buy it with your last cash.

The 222 Bi-turbo is a serious quick car. When it came out, it was quicker than most of the BMWs and Porsches, including the M3, M5 and 911.

The car is a GT, therefore the road holding is less M3 and more Porsche 928.

The car is reliable, but maintenance is essential.

A visit to the garage will cost 500 Euro if there is really nothing wrong.

A service with checking valve clearance and changing the cambelt is around 1500 Euro.

It is a great car, but you have to love it, because it will cost you more than a Mercedes S Class to drive, because of the high running costs.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 3rd February, 2007