2006 Mercedes-Benz CLK Cabriolet 350


Excellent comfortable cabriolet with room for 4


Nothing serious yet; when I got it, the transmission sometimes would change gear not so smoothly, but I had the transmission oil changed and that solved it.

Still have to get the wheels repaired, because there is a little dent that is noticed when driving slow, because the tyres are worn off irregularly because of the dent. I have to get new tyres anyway.

General Comments:

Comfortable, nice ride, but still handles well. Steering not so sharp as a BMW, but this is more heavy, and more of a GT car. The car simply is too big and heavy to act as a sports car.

The soft top is the best there is; very quiet when closed. But you have to keep the rubber seals by the windshield clean, or you might get some drops of water in during heavy rain.

Brake light on the boot lid has broken and fallen off; taped it on, but will have to get a new one.

The engine is great; quiet, and the transmission shift up very quickly, so normally you're driving around at 1200 RPM most of the time. If you hit the gas, the transmission will downshift 1 or even 2 gears quickly, and you're off!

My car runs 11 km on a liter on average; not too bad for a 3.5 litre, 272 BHP 6 cylinder.

This is my only car, and it works for me: it's fast, looks sporty, you can drive with an open top, and take 4 people with lots of comfort. The boot can take all the groceries and luggage, but not really big suitcases.

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Review Date: 9th November, 2012