1997 Mitsubishi L400 Long 2.5 turbo diesel


Strong and good


The front brakes stuck 3 times, making the wheels hot and the steering shake.

The parts of Mitsubishi are quite expensive. Revised 1st time without success; 6 months later, same problem.

Bought second hand brakes from l400 1 year later, same problem. Revised, and until now, finally good.

Everything else seems to be real solid.

General Comments:

The engine is wonderful, and reminds me of Volvo 240DL or Mercedes 190d quality; it will probably last longer than the van.

The fuel consumption is high, but not extreme. 500km, 50 liters.

Although it has only 90 hp, this van has much torque, it's actually a fast van, and normal European cars cannot easily pass this van.

The seat is fine, and the engine a bit noisy. Suspension good. Steering and steering gearbox are fine.

This car is enjoyable to drive in, and comfortable.

If you want to check how long the engine will last, you need to check the chassis for incoming rust now.

The turbo is loud on a cold engine. Look out on a wet road with RWD.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 8th January, 2011