1987 Peugeot 305 SR 1.6 petrol


This model of Peugeot is the perfect concept of an automobile: efficient, no-nonsense and reliable.


Although this 305 SR has an excellent rust protection, the top saucer of the left hand rear suspension spring/shock-absorber broke, both left hand and right hand saucer did show heavy corrosion; and both had to be changed at 145.000 km.

At 160,000 km a new clutch was installed (I use to skip the first gear, and usually drive away in the second gear, making use of the relatively very good engine torque for obtaining a contemporary good acceleration, without overloading the engine).

The valve-drive belt has been changed twice (at 100.000 and at 160.000 km).

Power steering cylinder was changed at 150.000 km.

At 180.000 km, the driver seat shows wear & tear and the ceiling-lining is loosened at the sliding sun-roof edge.

At 192.000 km the rear silencer was changed.

General Comments:

It is a endless car, beautifully shaped with excellent steering & driving.

Even at this 200.000 km the fuel consumption is only 1 liter per ca. 16 kilometer with ZERO oil concumption, NO RUST (except for some minor signs at the inside/loweredge of doors and an almost scratchless and deep shining silver-metal paint layer; amazingly good-looking.

It is my second 305 (the first 305GT '84 did show in 2000 heavy signs of rust, but its engine, even after a valve drive belt-failure, continued to run flawlessly: I keep this car in stock for possible spare parts).

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Review Date: 3rd September, 2006

1988 Peugeot 305 Break GR 1.6 petrol


Drive it!


The rear arm bearings had to be replaced immediately.

Rear brake cylinder replaced.

Front brake discs will need to be replaced next year.

General Comments:

The car was driving fine when I bought it with 305.062 km (!) on the counter. The previous owner had obviously reached his target. Still one could see the rear wheels where not positioned vertically straight, and this often means the rear arm bearings need replacement. After fixing, the car drives even better.

It's my second 305 break gr. I had a little accident with the first and I had to sell it. I just couldn't resist buying the second one for only 240 euro... Repairs by garage cost 600 euro, so in total it's quite affordable. Repairing it yourself will cost about half, but you'll need some special tools to compress the rear springs in order to replace the bearings.

I'm still amazed by the driving quality of the 305 break. It's so comfortable and steers very good. It's real fun to drive! Take the chance if you get it! Loading space is pretty big and the engine has plenty of power too. The building quality and reliability of the car must be great; the motor doesn't have any starting problems and just performs healthy even after this amount of km, and there's very little rust.

One minus; the brakes are not that great, both the 305 breaks felt the same. The brakes are working, but a 205 for instance simply brakes better.

Above all, the 305 Break looks beautiful, I like the design a lot, and my break is in such a good condition that I carefully try to avoid another little accident...

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Review Date: 24th June, 2005

1987 Peugeot 305 gr 1.6 petrol


Never ending story


Drivers seat is getting weak on the surface, needs a cover or to be replaced. Both costs about 30 euro!

The chrome decoration on bumpers has disappeared. Trying to get others only for the beauty.

Some lower edges of doors are starting to rust a tiny little bit on the inside. But all cars eventually rust... it's just a matter of slowing the process from now on!

Some of the rubbers that are attached to the door-opening had to be replaced because of leaking. Costs few euro.

General Comments:

Sold my third 205 a week ago to buy this 305 gr break, because I needed space to transport longer things. And for it's beauty! It's still looking good, and the age somehow gives me trust in the technical quality and durability. When a car of this age still drives fine, it will last longer, I assume.

The motor is running smooth and has lots of power (130 Nm/ 2800 rpm) to move this car of just 974 kilo. It also isn't that thirsty. In first week I drove 800 km with just 57 liters, without trying to save fuel (money) too much (120 km/h on highway and some city driving).

The car drives excellent so far... I'm really surprised by the quality of steering. It's direct, not too heavy and it gives me very good feeling and control. Curves are taken easily and with confidence. This actually is one of the best steering cars I ever experienced!

The comfort is good too! Seats are like comfortable home chairs and the suspension is relaxed, but keeps the car pretty straight in curves. What I don't care for is the sound the dashboard makes on bad roads. I almost feel sorry for it...

The technical state of this car is very good, I hope to drive it as long as possible! I can imagine that one day the doors will need to be replaced, but for else... why not try to double the total amount of km's at least? And to preserve it by repairs that don't seem to cost much. I will let you know how and when this story ends...

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Review Date: 8th June, 2004

8th Jun 2004, 20:49

No offense, but that Peugeot is a never ending story. I didn't know much about Peugeot an that taught me a little.

1985 Peugeot 305 GTX 1.9 petrol


Low-priced limousine


Rear brake-cylinders leaked.

Cable for the electric roof broke.

Throttle cable broke.

General Comments:

A very comfortable car.

Easy to handle.

With this car, although 16 years old, you can drive along in today's traffic.

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Review Date: 12th October, 2001

1987 Peugeot 305 GRD Break 1.9 diesel


As this used to be a service car (screwdrivers in the back pocket). I immediately replaced the seats, one I had made special for me (NICE SEAT) and the other one came out of a 309.

Clutch replaced at 190000.

Rubber hoses replaced at 211000.

Brake vacuum pump replaced at 243000, came out of a 405 D (I love this engine).

Distribution replaced at 260000 (second time in the car's life).

All normal wear and tear as it seems.

General Comments:

This car has become my friend, the type that never lets you down as long as you treat him/her right.

It runs like a train, and it steers like one too, fitted with Firestone 175/14/65 FST.

The engine is noisy, however, with some extra insulation in place, all is OK!

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Review Date: 9th August, 2001