1990 Peugeot 605 2.0 SRi 2.0 122HP Gasoline


Very underestimated car, which brings you there in style and great comfort, at a real bargain price!


Although the car is well build, it has (or have had) some problems:

- The original fitted sunroof leaks.. A lot. The only solution was sealing it shut and taking out the fuse.

- The original fitted power antenna stopped working

- All the buttons of the ventilation system broke during winter period

- The power mirrors stopped working and now have to be manually adjusted.

General Comments:

The car is very comfortable, spacy and well build. You won't hear any rattles or annoying sounds at all. Above 140km/h (87 miles/h) there is some noise caused by wind, but in general you´ll only hear the engine.

The seats are comfortable and they support your back very well which is especially comfortable on longer trips. And with a gas tank of 80 litres you can make this long trips, the range is about 1000km (625 miles).

With it´s 122HP you won´t have any complaints about acceleration or top speed, which is about 200km/h (125 miles/h). Despite of the lousy plastics used in the interior a great car!

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Review Date: 21st November, 2005

1996 Peugeot 605 ST Turbo 2.0 turbo


Superb quality car and driving experience


I just only recently bought the car. The only thing wrong is a "glitch" in the electronics: the diagnostic light goes on intermittently because of a temporary fault in the turbocharger pressure regulation solenoid valve. The part is ordered and will be replaced.

General Comments:

I have owned the 605 ST Turbo 2.0 for only 3 months now, but I've been in love with it for the last 5 years. The model is beyond words. I think it's the most beautiful car Peugeot ever made.

It drives smoothly and the performance is very good.

The interior is very complete and comfortable.

I can't comment yet on maintenance costs, but the fuel consumption is reasonable: 10 km/liter.

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2001

1994 Peugeot 605 SRTI Aut. 2.0 turbo


Best car I ever owned


Every 250 Km the engine would stall and the check-engine LED would come on. When the RPM went below 1500, the LED would go off and all would be normal again. The dealer said that the computer memory was empty. I found the solution on the Internet. It turned out to be the crankshaft position sensor. It has been replaced ($25.00) and now the car runs better than ever before. The computer prevented the RPM from getting over 3000 RPM.

The fuel return line was leaking (in the engine bay where the rubber hose is connected to the metal pipe).

The air intake sensor next to the glove compartment lock makes a humming noise.

General Comments:

As a bought the car, the performance was not to bad. After the sensor was replaced, it is very fast. Much faster than the Ford Scorpio 2.4 V6 I owned before.

The car feels solid.

Steering is a bit heavy.

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Review Date: 7th July, 2001