1991 Renault 25 tx 2.2


The feel of a limosine


The LPG system had several problems. The electric system as well. Several small things like windows who didn't open well. Wear on suspension ans several other parts because the car had more than 230.000 km.

General Comments:

Wonderful car to drive. The luxury feeling of driving a car 5 times the price. The smooth silent engine is great.

The chairs are like a luxury sofa. The arm supports and the nice handling makes it a pleasure to drive this car.

Even my new Focus flex can't match the comfort. The huge space inside made my friend who owned a Mercedes jealous.

I bought it for 1200 euro and had the feeling to drive a car of 50.000 euro. Probably the most comfortable care I will ever drive. The space for the passengers is superb with a arm support in the middle. The model, with it's panoramic back window is quit beautiful and has delicate lines. A car you won't forget easy.

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Review Date: 28th January, 2008

1988 Renault 25 V6 Injection


A very good bargain, although I just recently bought it


One front spring broke.

General Comments:

The V6 is a wonderful engine. Strong and smooth. It needs a bit attention (no synthetic oil and be gentle with it before it is up to temperature), but it is rewarding!

Extremely comfortable. The Renault seats are by no exaggeration the best in the field.

Very 'progressively' equipped with electronics, especially regarding the year of production. The electronics also give a safe feeling on the road: somebody is watching over you...

The shape of the car is still up to date, which is due to Renault's avant garde designers. Even up to date looking at the Vel Satis and Avantime. Prodon's (the chief designer during the making of the 25) special attention to detail and 'play' with deviant rear window designs makes the car special. Its straight lined profile gives the car a look something between a sports car and limousine. Excellent piece of timeless comfort, technique and design.

My car has climate control, air con and cruise control. The latter is very convenient on long stretches.

My one just had a new radiator, exhaust pipe and some other parts. The former owner was a Renault salesman and had the car fixed at the official dealer; so it is in excellent state. I paid more for it than the market prices, but as a 'markentreue' (German for brand loyalty) Renault driver it's worth it.

Paintwork of the car is still good.

No oil burning whatsoever...

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Review Date: 18th August, 2003

19th Oct 2003, 05:08

You know what is a good car.

5th May 2005, 18:59

Renault 25 2.9 V6 4 speed auto... WHAT A CAR!!!

I've had nearly every 25 model, GTS, GTX, TXE, TXI manual and auto's.

I now have the 25 2.0 Auto TXI.

Out of all the 25's I've had, one of them, let me down, but it was completely my fault.

The cam belt snapped on the motorway at 80mph,...because I didn't keep the car serviced regularly and never had the belt checked.

Apart from that, one slight misshap,...i have never had a problem with the 25s.

All of them have easily passed an M.O.T, none of them has ever let me down,...but they don't beat the 25 2.9 V6I Auto.

So,...sorry all you Renault 25 2.0 TXI Auto fans... its not a patch on the V6I.

I only got rid of the V6 because I just loved to cruise down the motorway between 80 and 100, occasionally when out of speed camera range and lack of police presence, taking it up to 135mph. I just couldn't afford the fuel costs.

Now,...i hardly use my car and I very rarely venture on to the motorway... i could afford to run one again...